« Working with Evelyne has always been a pleasure. Her dedication, professionalism and sincere interest in human development makes her an ideal coach. She brings fresh ideas and has an open mind to every task. Her humour and warm attitude put every person at ease. » Bart

« Evelyne improved our understanding of our existing staff and applicants. Thanks to her involvement we could improve our own skills and continue the further evolution of our company. » Marc

« Evelyne is a expert in the subject HR, trustworthy and reliable, never looses the management target out of sight ». Yves

« Au travers de différents exercices de team building mis au point par Evelyne, nous avons amené l’équipe à se poser les bonnes questions en terme d’organisation et de perspective d’évolution dans les différents services. » Fabrice

« Evelyne is a no-nonsense, solution-oriented manager with a broad view on business issues. I always enjoyed her team spirit and her input. » Filip

« Evelyne’s professionalism, positive approach and creative support helped me to review my potential future career and getting am in depth and realistic view on both my talents as well as those areas which need further development. The exercises and one-to-one sessions still have their effect and impacted very positively on my career and leadership skills. » Dirk